You are invited to access project’s book “Path of Yarn”

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You are invited to browse through and read one of the main project’s results – the book ”Path of Yarn: Traditions of Textile Manufacturing in Lithuania and Norway in 19th and early 20th century”, which was written by Marija Kajotienė, one of the organizers of this project, in 2016.
This book introduces modern people to the craft of ancient textile manufacturing, which covers a long path of flax and wool processing from the plant or animal to linen or wool fabric. The main idea of this publication is to present and preserve the ancient craft of textile manufacturing in both Lithuania and Norway and to reveal its interesting side to the general public. The book is richly illustrated with old pictures, which captured the main work processes, implements and devices and enriched the information and knowledge.

The Book “Path of Yarn” in an electronic PDF format